Top 4 SAS Shoes for Nurses

Feb 22, 22

A female nurse wearing SAS nursing shoes helping an elderly woman velcro her shoes in an industrial kitchen

We published an article on how to survive standing all day at work. We thought we could revisit the conversation by diving into specific stand-all-day industries and careers and give our best tips, tricks, and products to make every day easier. In our minds, starting with our first responders only seemed appropriate. Today we’ll be talking about SAS nursing shoes – rather, which SAS styles are best for nurses. Nurses have been invaluable to society over the last few years, and they deserve to kick up their feet (or, at least, not feel achy on their feet).

So, let’s showcase proper shoes for nurses and show these healthcare workers some love!

Nurse Shoe Guidelines and Requirements

Typically, you’ll look for these five recommendations in quality nursing footwear:

  • Closed-toe shoes (no surprise)
  • Non-slip shoes (again, no surprise)
  • Comfortable and supportive (SAS nursing shoes!)
  • Wipeable fabrics (two words: bodily fluids).
  • White sole and upper (for tradition’s sake)

Here are a few SAS nursing shoe styles that we recommend. Note that they’d work for all healthcare workers, as well.

1. SAS Siesta - Lace Up Loafer

 The Lace-Up Loafer SAS nursing shoe in white

This style is a size-inclusive winner, ranging in a women’s 4 to a women’s 12 (including half sizes!), and it’s wide enough for each foot, available in slim to double-wide options. It’s described as a “retro style that wraps supple leather completely around the foot with genuine moccasin construction. The cushioned inside lining, padded arch, and soft heel make for a plush feel with every wear.”

Some design details include:

  • Genuine Moccasin Construction
  • EZ Lace™ System
  • SAS Foot-Shape® Last
  • All-Day Comfort Supersoft® Lightweight Sole

This SAS nurse shoe is designed to follow the shape and natural arches of your foot. The initial fit should be wide enough to provide comfort across the ball of the foot yet roomy enough in the front to ensure space for your toes. The heel should be snug and should not slip while walking.

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2. Sporty Lux White Perf

The Sporty Lux White Perf SAS nursing shoe on display


This style is great for nurses on the go. They fall into our “active” category and are built to do it all, so there’s no need to pack any extra pairs of shoes in your everyday bag. Just like the Siestas above, the Sporty Lux is also available in a women’s 4 to a women’s 12 (including half sizes!) and in slim to a double-wide.

Let’s look at some details: 

  • EZ Lace™ System
  • Removable SAS Contoured Everbounce™ Foot Bed
  • TRIPAD® Technology
  • Dual Density Sole
  • Genuine Leather Upper

This SAS nursing shoe doubles as a modern, athletic shoe – handcrafted to help you stay active. Look and feel your best with a trendy design and innovative features that will get you through the day, every day. Your feet will stay comfortable and protected no matter what duty calls.

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3. Free Rein Chalk

The Free Reign Chalk SAS nursing shoe in white on display


These SAS nurse shoes are reminiscent of a classic sneaker (but are way more comfortable). These come in women’s 5 to women’s 12 (again, including half sizes) and run in narrow to double-wide options. These super-comfortable walking shoes are destined to be your new favorites; they're easy, relaxed, and go with any set of scrubs. Plus, the new rubber outsole is both trendy and slip-resistant for all your indoor/outdoor adventures.

Additional things to point out:

  • Genuine Leather Upper
  • EZ Lace™ System
  • Soft Cushioned Knit Lining
  • CoolSTEP Footbed
  • Rubber Cupsole
  • Slip-Resistant Sole

The Free Rein style takes things up a level. Suffer from sweaty feet? CoolSTEP footbeds make that a nonissue. These SAS nursing shoes put support first, and comfort comes in at a close second. Plus, they look pretty nonobjective – some might even say they look cool. Who knew a nursing shoe would become the new sneaker?

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4. Journey II Chalk

We can’t forget about the men, can we? We have a few all-white styles for you to choose from as well, but today we’re highlighting the Journey II Chalk. This new shoe builds on the success of our Journey style, offering new and luxurious leather finishes with the same enhanced comfort. Journey II is designed for breathability, increased lateral stability, advanced cushioning, and greater flexibility throughout your stride.

Don’t forget, they’re built with: 

  • Genuine Leather Upper
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Cushioned Knit Upper Lining
  • EZ Lace™ System
  • CoolSTEP Footbed
  • SteadyTrac Midsole
  • Comfort Outsole

This SAS nursing shoe style showcases the best of the best that we have to offer. At SAS, you never have to pick between our innovative shoe tech, support, comfort, or style. The Journey IIs come in men’s sizes 7 to 15 (including half sizes!) and are available in medium, wide, double-wide, and triple-wide! We want our shoes to feel like a protective extension of your foot so you don’t have to think twice about – or even notice – them throughout the day.

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Find SAS Nursing Shoes and Forgo Foot Pain 

If you’re on your feet every day, you deserve a good pair of shoes to make it easier. We have several categories that you can choose from to best meet your lifestyle needs. Comfort, support, style, and protection – that’s what you’ll find at SASNola.