The Most Comfortable Shoes for Everyday Wear

Aug 05, 21
If you’ve been with us for some of our recent blogs, we’ve shared what makes comfortable shoes, well, comfortable. What if we make it even easier to find your perfect fit? At SASNola, we’ve crafted the best comfortable shoes on the market: They’re built to last, they feel like walking on air, and they’re cute to boot. Here are a few of our favorite comfortable shoe styles that we offer and a little bit more on what makes them the best, no question. 

SAS Sandals

A woman standing outside, wearing comfortable SAS Sandals and a floral dress


Our favorite thing about our sandal styles is that they work for multiple seasons and multiple occasions. When it’s warmer, and the thought of socks makes you sweat, let your feet breathe in some comfortable walking shoes. We have styles perfect for everyday wear as well as choices that you can easily dress up for fancier affairs. Plus, we have stylish and comfortable shoes for men and women alike because inclusivity is key. 

SAS Active Shoes

A person wearing simple, white comfortable walking shoes from SAS



If you’re someone who’s always on the go, you’ll want to shop our active category (for both men and women). We sought to make comfortable shoe styles that could endure long days on foot. From walking and biking to hiking and everything in between, we’ve got a pair of shoes to fit your individual adventure. We have slip-on, velcro, and lace-up styles to accommodate any personal preference, and as always, these styles are embedded with our SAS tech, including the SAS CoolStep™ footbed, SAS odor-resistant Tripad® cushions, and more.

SAS Casual Shoes

A man leaning against a tree by a pond wearing comfortable shoes for men


Are you more into function over fashion? The SAS casual category caters to both (again, for both men and women). These styles are perfectly comfortable walking shoes if you’re the type who just wants to get from point A to point B without aching feet. If you shop our casual category, you’ll find an array of styles, colors, widths, and sizes to choose from – some simple, some more detailed. These comfortable shoes are perfect for everyday errands, casual walks around the neighborhood, and anything you can think of, really.

SAS Work Shoes

A person working in construction wearing safe, comfortable shoes


It’s pretty common nowadays for laborious job dress codes to ask for black (or plain), non-slip shoes. A few of our shoe styles overlap, some falling into our SAS work category thanks to their simplicity and construction. We offer a range of men's and women's comfortable shoe styles for work, featuring innovative shoe technology like our SAS X-tra grip sole™ and SAS Waterguard™ leather for slippier environments.

SAS Dress Shoes

A seated woman wearing dressy yet comfortable sandals from SAS


No matter how fancy your footwear needs to be, we’ve got a multipurpose comfortable shoe style that should fit the bill. From flats to heels for women and a range of loafer styles for men, you should shop our SAS dress category. Thanks to these dressier styles, you’re sure to end the event feeling good enough to get home without your toes squealing for mercy. So, if you’ve left some dinners, banquets, wedding receptions, or business meetings walking barefoot into your house, swapping for more comfortable shoe styles might have a place on your must-buy list.

SAS Boots

A woman  wearing black above-the-ankle boots with white jeans while sitting on a bench


Our SAS ladies get one extra category to peruse: boots. We carry several ankle-boot styles that will definitely become frontrunners in your closet. These timeless kicks are perfect for all seasons, but especially when it gets chillier and you’re trudging through melting slush. Rest assured that when you’re shopping SAS shoes at SASNola, you’re shopping the most comfortable shoe brand on the market.

Shop Our Comfortable Shoe Brand and Say Goodbye to Foot Pain

A man sitting on the ground, wearing comfortable slip-on shoes from SAS and pink shorts


All of our SAS shoe categories are perfect for everyday wear thanks to their comfortable construction and innovative footwear technology. Plus, they don’t compromise style – it’s a win-win. 

Traveling for work? Keep the security checks on the short end with our slip-on shoe styles. Running to the store for a quick pickup? Look put together in a pinch with some of our stylish sandals. Lounging around with friends, indoors or out? Try a pair of our casual kicks. Not sure what you need, but know you need to solve your aching feet? Take a scroll through everything we have to offer and find your perfect fit.

TLDR? Head Over to SASNola for the Most Comfortable Shoes