How Do You Survive Standing All Day at Work?

Feb 01, 22

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Standing all day at work isn’t necessarily enjoyable, but you can survive by wearing proper footwear – by wearing SAS shoes, specifically. Your shoes can make or break your workday. The right pair of shoes is comfortable, fits properly, and supports you throughout the day, while the wrong pair of shoes leaves your legs tired and makes you prone to foot and ankle conditions or injuries. At SAS, we offer shoes for all your needs, whether you’re on your feet working, playing, practicing, exercising, or just getting around day by day.

So, how do you survive standing all day at work? Put simply, the answer is SAS shoes. Easy enough!

What Does Your Work Day Look Like?

Part-time or full-time? Active or sedentary? When debating what shoes are best for standing all day, consider these factors. For starters, it may make a difference if you’re working a 15-20 hour week on your feet versus 40+ hours (including a commute). It also depends on whether you’re strictly standing or moving around. For example, different industries – like food service or healthcare – will demand different levels of activity.

If you work a part-time, active job, you’ll probably want to pick a pair of shoes that prioritizes comfort. If you work full-time at a more sedentary, standing job (perhaps you’re a technician or a teacher), you may be more inclined to search for shoes that can support your feet for hours on end.

Climate is also something to consider since you want to properly protect your feet from the elements. Similarly, ask yourself whether you’re hopping between being indoors and outdoors during the day. A teacher or assistant may opt for a supportive pair of sandals, for example, whereas a transit employee would go for a close-toed work shoe, especially if they live somewhere snowy and cold.

Top Tips for Workers Standing All Day

1. Practice Proper Foot Care

Thoroughly wash your feet every day; don’t merely soak them. Using foot creams and wearing clean socks are additional baby steps toward healthier feet.

2. Ensure Your Shoes Fit

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: measure your feet to find out your proper shoe size. Many of us stopped size-checking once our feet stopped growing, and the size we’ve been buying for years might be a bit too big or a bit too small. That wiggle room can be the cause of your pain, so try a new shoe on for size.

3. Stretch – Regularly

Not just your legs, either. If you’re on your feet, work your whole body every hour. Wiggle your toes, do a stationary lunge, touch your toes. Get the blood flowing so you don’t lock your legs and get lightheaded.

4. Ice, Massage, and Elevate 

These tips don’t apply to only injuries. Consider them preventative measures as well as restorative. Your feet will thank you.

5. Move Around and Adjust Your Posture

This is different from stretching. “Moving around” simply means shifting your weight, shaking out the stiffness, rotating your shoulders, and adjusting your posture every so often. Little movements like these are critical to surviving a full day on your feet.

6. Take a Load Off When Necessary

Squatting, sitting, and leaning are all essential actions that you’re entitled to if you’re on your feet for extended periods. Of course, abuse of these actions will reflect poorly, so “when necessary” applies. Listen to your body – you know when you need a break.

7. Exercise After Hours to Build Stamina and Strength

Yes – the idea of exercise after a long day on your feet sounds miserable, but routine is important, especially when it comes to habit building and strength training.

These tips come from Healthline and Vice if you want to read more!  

What Shoes Are Best for Standing All Day?

Now that we’ve talked about what you can do to help yourself stand all day at work, let’s talk a little bit more about your shoes. A pair of shoes can make or break your workday the same way they can make or break an outfit. Your standing work shoes should be made from a material that is both comfortable and sturdy, have good arch support, and great airflow. That being said, we’ve chosen our top work shoes for standing all day (men and women) and we want to show you now! They are:

The Reverie Black

product image of the reverie black - a women’s work shoe for standing all day

The Reverie is our top women’s pick for work shoes that will help you stay standing throughout the day. There are a lot of things that make this shoe great. First of all, it’s black so it will go with any outfit. The arch support is superb and enhanced cushioning provides increased shock absorption. The footbed is breathable and the shoes are made of high-quality materials that will last you a long time. In addition to your size, SAS also includes 5 different width customization options so your shoes will fit perfectly. The Reverie is definitely the shoe for the job!

The Timeout Black

product image of man’s work shoe for standing all day - the timeout black

This shoe is ideal for any working conditions - whether you’re pacing at the office, in the hospital, or building a pool in someone’s backyard. They are stylish enough for formal settings, but their brilliant design makes them ideal shoes to stand in all day at work. Designed for comfort with the padded tongue and arch, this style of shoe also features more depth in the top for extra toe room. The ventilation of the design and the laces are the cherry on top of this amazing shoe. 

Get the Durability and Support You Need With SAS Shoes

woman in a white, flowy dress wearing comfortable SAS shoes at her standing job

With a variety of styles, sizes, widths, and colors, our catalog of comfortable, supportive shoes is your one-stop shop for the best footwear. If you’re on your feet, SAS should be too. 

Save your feet from perpetual soreness by shopping for the best everyday work shoes at SAS.