What Are the Shoe Trends for 2022?

The biggest shoe trend we’re seeing in 2022 is supportive, comfortable footwear that’s stylish, too. Long gone are the days of saying (and believing!) that “beauty is pain.” Instead, people are turning to insoles and...

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5 Tips for Buying Winter Boots

When you’re shopping for winter boots, you must consider function as well as style. You need a pair of reliable boots that can withstand the elements, but they should be comfortable and attractive enough that...

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Are SAS Diabetic Shoes Necessary?

The short answer: yes. Unfortunately, for our diabetic friends, the diagnosis affects more than just your blood sugar. Diabetes can affect many areas, including increased risk of stroke, risk of cardiovascular disease, visual complications, fatigue,...

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Get to Know Your Feet: 27 Terms

Yes, at SASnola, we offer a large selection of men's and women's shoes, handbags, accessories, and more. But we want to provide more! We want to give our customers (you) the best possible customer service, including knowledge...

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A Complete SAS Shoe Care Guide

How well do you know your SAS shoes – or shoes in general for that matter? If you feel like you’ve been replacing your shoes too regularly, it might be time to study up on...

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