Jobs Where Slip-Resistant Work Shoes Are a Must

Jul 12, 21

Several different jobs and careers make use of slip-resistant shoes every day. If you spend time on your feet, you know how critical comfortable shoes are, and if you work in an area with potential slips or spills, you probably know the necessity of comfortable slip-resistant shoes. Safety is key when you’re on the job (hi, OSHA!), and for good reason. On-the-job accidents are nothing to joke about, especially in certain industries. Today we’re going to cover a few jobs where slip-resistant shoes are musts and why you should pick up a pair ASAP if you don’t already own one.

Slip-Resistant Shoes for Restaurant Workers

This isn’t a ranking, but if it were, restaurant workers are up there on the list of those who should wear slip-resistant shoes on the job. Servers, cooks, hosts and hostesses, runners, baggers, delivery drivers, you name it. You’ve likely come in contact with some spillage here or there. Places that involve people and food are prone to messes that require mopping. Accidents of all sizes can occur inside and outside the kitchen, so it’s best to be prepared to face all the elements, feet first, with a pair of slip-resistant work shoes

Slip-Resistant Shoes for Healthcare Professionals

If you thought restaurant workers had it bad, let’s talk about the healthcare world. Healthcare workers deal with slip hazards and more because now we’re adding biohazards into the mix. Think about it; anything you’ve ever had done at a hospital or doctor’s office could get spilled. Not saying that this happens often, but tubs can tip and vials can shatter, let alone the potential for all sorts of sick to get anywhere and everywhere – from a sneeze to something worse. 

Not only do you need slip-resistant shoes for the sake of all the liquids but also because of the potential to step on broken glass or other sharp objects. Shoes aren’t merely for style, after all; they’re for keeping your feet safe and comfortable day in and day out. 

Slip-Resistant Shoes for Custodial and Janitorial Workers

This one should be a no-brainer since your job revolves around cleaning products and water more often than not! Think freshly mopped (or waxed!) floors, soap spills, water fountain leaks, sink overflows, etc. You know how many “slippery when wet” situations you come into contact with daily let alone seasonally when you might have extra snow, sludge, ice, or rainwater getting tracked in from outside. You can only keep the floors dry for so long, right? Is it time to replace your overworn, trusty slip-resistant shoes with a new, more comfortable, and stylish pair? 

SAS is the perfect fit. 

Slip-Resistant Shoes for Everyday Life

Just because you don’t work in an area that’s considered hazardous doesn’t mean you should neglect your safety. Puddles, ice patches, and spills can happen everywhere, and there’s not always a wet floor sign to warn you to watch your step. We think non-slip shoes are a closet staple, especially if they’re comfortable and stylish. If safe, non-slip, protective shoes become your everyday go-to, you’ll always be ready for anything to fall in your path.

Slip-Resistant Shoes From SASNola


A person wearing slip-resistant shoes for men and leaning against a wall on break


At SASNola, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, comfortable, and stylish shoes for a fair price. You’ll find genuine leather, adjustable buckles and straps, anti-microbial footbeds, shock-absorbing, supportive cushions, and X-tra Grip™ soles in many styles and sizes. If your feet need some TLC after years of subpar shoes, SAS is a footwear brand you can believe in. 


This list obviously isn’t comprehensive or all-inclusive, but if this type of work sounds like what you do, try SAS slip-resistant shoes on for size. For instance, you could be involved in construction, contracting (specifically roof contracting!), warehouse or factory work, food processing and manufacturing, postal and/or delivery driving, or something else entirely and still benefit from comfortable, slip-resistant shoes. Even if we didn’t spell out your specific position or industry, you know if this topic applies to you. Stay safe on and off the job by wearing proper, protective equipment like non-slip shoes. 

Shop slip-resistant shoes for men and slip-resistant shoes for women at SASNola.