How Often Should You Replace Work Shoes?

Feb 22, 22

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Although certain factors can influence how quickly work shoes get worn down, you should probably replace your work shoes every three to six months. If your job requires you to be constantly on your feet or moving around, the soles of your shoes will quickly wear down and lead to increased foot pain on the job. Continuing to wear old work shoes can lead to injury or prevent you from being as effective at your job.

Replacing work shoes might be a hassle, but your feet will thank you for it.


Where to Buy Your Next Pair

If you find yourself asking how often you should replace work shoes, it’s probably time to go online and find a new pair. Maybe your shoes are exposed to harsh elements or you’re on your feet all day as we mentioned above; either way, they will quickly start to show wear and tear. Watch out for some of these key signs of wear:

  • If the rubber sole starts to pop out or lose rigidity
  • If the sole starts to wear down and become less comfortable
  • If your shoe begins causing your foot pain

Once you notice these signs in your work shoes, opt for a pair from SASNola. With an excellent selection of work shoes for both men and women (handcrafted in the USA), you can find sleek, comfortable work shoes with the option of replacing them.


Proper Care

It’s wise to replace your work shoes when needed, but how about avoiding a trip to the shoe store altogether? Let’s walk through the best tips to prolong your work shoes.

The material of the work shoe will dictate how to best care for it, as some materials (like leather) require polishing and shining. To learn more about taking care of leather shoes, specifically, you can do some follow-up reading here. You should frequently clean or polish your work shoes to prevent mud or sweat from building up and affecting the efficacy of the sole and comfort of the shoe. SASNola sells a variety of shoe-care products, from water repellent spray to shoe cleaner kits and various polishes. These kits and items can help make it easier to clean and take care of your work shoes.

After cleaning and waterproofing your work shoes, you’ll also want to store your pair in a designated spot. This will ensure your work shoes aren’t crushed under other shoes or items to help them keep their proper form and structure. You’ll also want to avoid walking on the heel of your shoes, or dragging your feet, as these habits can make the sole of the shoe unbalanced, leading to increased foot pain and faster shoe deterioration.

Properly cleaning or polishing your work shoes will help them to retain their proper form for longer and can help keep your feet more comfortable on the job.

How to Prolong Work Shoe Efficacy

We’ve already covered the answer to, how often should you replace work shoes?” Now, let’s talk about how you can go a little longer between replacements. To ensure your work shoe will last as long as (safely) possible, purchase a high-quality sole that fits your foot well. Using work shoes that don’t properly fit could lead to increased pain or injury long before the shoe itself needs replacement. We recommend trying a few different sizes to find the best size and width for you.

Purchasing a set of insoles for your shoes is another way to prolong work shoe efficacy. These can help the shoes feel more comfortable and provide a longer-lasting sole with extra protection and cushion. SASNola sells comfort shoe insoles for men and women to help you achieve maximum comfort with your work shoes. Investing in proper foot comfort and support will be well worth it, and these tips and tricks will help you replace your work shoes fewer times.

Why Choose SASNola?A pair of SASNola work shoes sitting on top of a chef’s folded uniform

Work shoes have a profound influence on your productivity and happiness at work. If you are in pain or using old, unsupportive shoes, you’ll likely have a difficult time at work. Investing in high-quality work shoes, and replacing them every three to six months, will help you to be more comfortable at work and happier on your feet.

SASNola carries the best work shoes, handcrafted in the USA with the finest materials from around the world, to ensure your feet stay happy and painless. For comfort on the job and quality work shoes that last, SASNola has you and your shoe needs covered.

Check out our website, and start investing in a happier work environment for your soles!