What Your Shoes Might Say About Your Personality

Jul 12, 21

The title sounds like one of those fun quizzes, right? Today we’re hoping to break down some of our most popular SAS shoe styles and tell you what we think they say about the person who wears them. We’re talking about anything from comfortable walking shoes to comfortable dress sandals and everything in between. Stay tuned and let us know if the shoe fits your personality!

Comfortable Walking Shoes


Man walking on a rusted pipe wearing comfortable walking shoes from SAS


If you’re a function-over-form type of shoe wearer, you probably stick to the basics: comfortable walking shoes. You want to mindlessly slip on something without thinking about how sore your feet will be by the end of the day. This means you probably spend a lot of time on your feet, whether it be at work, on your commute, or just running your everyday errands. If comfort is your top priority, chances are you’re low maintenance, prefer things to be stress-free, and you like to live in the moment.

Cute, Comfortable Shoes

 Woman wearing a dress and blue cute comfortable shoes while on vacation


If you are a shoe fanatic, hoarder, lover, or collector, you probably have your sights set on more stylish and cute, comfortable shoes rather than our functional friends above. You want something with a little oomph or pizazz – something people will notice, compliment, and ask where you got them. You might be a bit more outgoing and enjoy all social events or nights on the town. You probably like to make a statement with what you wear, whether that be through fun pops of color, statement pieces, pattern mixing, accessories, or of course, footwear. 

SAS Tennis Shoes


Woman wearing white SAS tennis shoes while biking 

Hello, all you on-the-go personalities! If you’re a fan of tennies – SAS tennis shoes, namely – being outdoors is your oasis, no matter where or when. Hiking, biking, rafting, playing, practicing, exploring, competing, adventuring, working: if any of those words sound familiar, you probably do them with tennis shoes tied up nice and tight. Maybe you’re a regular gym-goer or a sports team member. Here’s the gist: You’re a doer – someone who likes to be on their feet and doing something with their time. You’re someone who enjoys experiencing things and living life to the fullest all day, every day.

Comfortable Dress Sandals


The lower half of a woman wearing mustard-yellow pants and brown comfortable dress sandals


If you tend to go for professional dress shoes that won’t pinch your toes, SAS comfortable dress sandals should skyrocket to the top of your shoe list. If you’re a working professional in any industry, chances are you’re in an office, leading meetings, or going to interviews regularly. This means you’re tasked with always looking your best. Unfortunately, a lot of the things that look nice aren’t exactly comfortable, and if they are, they don’t always catch the eye. That’s where SAS comes in.


If you’re always in dress shoes, you’re probably a planner – someone who abides by a structured routine and prefers things to be organized at all times. You’re someone who believes that there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place – someone who feels that if you aren’t fifteen minutes early, you’re late. No? (Hey, that’s not a bad thing!)

Casual, Comfortable Shoes


Man sitting on concrete wearing black men’s SAS shoes


Here, we’re talking about women’s low-ankle boots, a good men’s boat shoe, something casual that doesn’t breach sneaker territory, if you catch our drift. If this category seems like you, you like to march to the beat of your own drum (or shoe?). You like to be comfortable and fashionable yet keep your toes tucked away rather than on display in a pair of sandals. You like to be ready for anything, meaning you’re on your A-game at all times – someone who doesn’t want to be just another face in the crowd. People gravitate toward you because you keep things casual yet you’re prepared. You aren’t fazed by emergencies, and you don’t get tripped up by something not going your way. You keep your cool under pressure, just like your shoes.


The World Is at Your Feet When You’re in SAS Shoes


Whether those personality assessments fit the shoe styles we chose or not, the fact of the matter is that our shoes are simply extensions of you, your style, your life, and your personality. We hope that when you wear SAS shoes, you won’t think twice and you won’t look back; your footwear should fit right while maintaining style, function, and comfort. You shouldn’t have to plan your day around taking breaks for your sore feet. Instead, you should be able to make it through each day feeling on top of the world.

Let Your Personality Shine Through a Pair of SASNola Shoes