What Are the Shoe Trends for 2022?

Jan 18, 22

A person wearing SAS shoes leaning up against a tree with one foot on the trunk


The biggest shoe trend we’re seeing in 2022 is supportive, comfortable footwear that’s stylish, too. Long gone are the days of saying (and believing!) that “beauty is pain.” Instead, people are turning to insoles and sensible shoes more than ever.

At SAS, we’re ahead of the blooming 2022 shoe trends because we’ve been doing comfortable footwear since day one. Here’s what makes SAS the leading pair of shoes this year.

2022 Shoes Are Supportive

Support and protection from the elements are two of the primary reasons we wear shoes in the first place. The right pair of shoes can reduce slips and falls, cushion feet on long days, and keep toes warm and dry from certain climates and occupations. Supportive shoes and sandals can also keep your feet clean, and if you’re prone to foot pain or chronic foot conditions, certain shoe styles can even promote proper healing and development.

Supportive shoes are essential, and sometimes, they’re hard to come by in a style you like. That’s why we’re here to provide the best, most comfortable footwear in a variety of styles for both men and women. You’re sure to find your perfect fit and finally get the foot support you need at SAS this year.

2022 Shoes Are Comfortable

After a hiatus of regular out-and-about activity, why would you settle for less? Comfort should be the standard in any shoe style, from dress shoes to athletic shoes and everyday kicks. Even sandals can be comfortable, despite most standard-issue sandals being less than. What you need is a shoe that gets you through the day, no matter how long and onerous it is.

Many people spend a whole lot of time on their feet, such as healthcare workers, food service employees, teachers, construction workers, and so forth. It’s with these essential positions in mind that we offer comfort-first, supportive shoes in a variety of sizes, widths, and styles.

Make it through the day with comfortable shoes from SAS in 2022. Say goodbye to the generic, supermarket shoe that only barely gets you through the day, and say hello to comfortable footwear that molds to your feet perfectly.

2022 Shoes Are Stylish

Aesthetics are everything – or are they? Fashion trends tend to lean toward individuality over everything else, especially in 2022. So as long as you’re comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, you’re good to go.

That’s a long-winded way of saying if you like something, grab it and make it yours.

Often, comfortable and supportive shoes neglect the style factor – not at SAS. We wanted our customers to want to wear our shoes, so we built them to last, we built them to be comfortable, and we created a range of shoe types to fit every occasion, from formal events to walking the dog.

SAS shoes are cute, sophisticated, chic, trendy, modern, and classy – however you want to say it, they all mean the same thing: stylish. Naturally, the shoe trends in 2022 are going to be trendy, and we have dozens of styles to match. Kick your old kicks to the curb and get to know the meaning of high-quality, comfortable, stylish shoes.

Choose Trendy Shoes in 2022; Choose SAS


man adjusting his neutral and trendy SAS shoe


What are the shoe trends for 2022? SAS shoes, of course! Whether you’re replacing a worn-down favorite or looking to add to your collection, we have something for everyone. Rest assured that your new shoes will be supportive, comfortable, quality, and stylish, catering to the smart and savvy footwear aficionados of 2022. You can have it all when it comes to your favorite pair of shoes when you shop from SAS.

Get to know our catalog and start your shoe search today!