What to Prioritize in Comfortable Footwear for Pregnancy

Jan 18, 22

Pregnant woman standing in baby’s nursery

Whether you’re currently pregnant or planning to become pregnant, may we caution you that your body, wardrobe, and life are about to change in some pretty unexpected ways. One of which will inevitably be swollen, puffy, or painful feet that may make your current footwear collection uncomfortable or even obsolete. Why do you need comfortable footwear when pregnant, you might ask? We’re here to help! We specialize in comfortable footwear, making SAS your one-stop shop for comfortable footwear for pregnancy

Comfort Is Vital When It Comes to Pregnancy

Prepping for your baby can be a pretty arduous endeavor, especially on your feet, so you should baby them a little bit with comfortable footwear while you’re pregnant. After all, they have a history of getting you where you need to go, whenever you need to be there! That includes the prenatal doctor checkups and all the errands to get the house and nursery set up for the baby, let alone your everyday activities, whether that includes work, events, or tending to your existing kids if you have them! The longer you’re pregnant, the harder it’ll become to be on your feet at all, let alone for extended periods. 

Preparing to be a new mom is a lot of work, a lot of which is on your feet, so find some footwear that makes you feel like you’re kicking your feet up after a long day. Find comfortable footwear for pregnancy from SAS. 

You Need Support Now More than Ever


Being on your feet puts a lot of strain on your body, as does being pregnant. There are a lot of products marketed toward pregnant women (such as pregnancy pillows, belly bands, and more), but we think the most important are the ones you don’t think about at first but make a world of difference once you find them. Like, shoes. It may seem silly, but shoes make all the difference in your day-to-day. The important things to look for are arch support, flexibility, and footwear that isn’t too restrictive, like a good pair of sandals or slip-ons

In short, when it comes to comfortable footwear for pregnancy, you want something that molds to your foot rather than your foot having to squish for the shoe. 

Look for High-Quality Comfort

The devil is in the details! At SAS, look for styles featuring our SAS Lightweight Supersoft® Sole, SAS Tripad® Cushions, Flex Fabric Upper, Ultra-Puff™ Lining, SAS Foot-Shape® Last, or our All Day Comfort Sole. Our priorities have always been comfort and support, so you can shop confidently knowing that we designed all our products with those two things in mind. 

One tip: check your shoe size if you’re pregnant. The swelling will stick around, and one of the things that determines whether a shoe is comfortable or not is proper sizing. Check out our Fitting Guide as you measure your feet at home.  

Look for Footwear Built to Last

So often, it seems like shoes fall apart out of nowhere. While shoe wear and tear is normal and expected, SAS focuses on finding the best materials (such as premium leathers and custom insoles) so that our comfortable footwear for pregnancy lasts far longer than nine months. 

Find Comfortable Footwear for Pregnant Ladies at SASNola

Woman wearing comfortable footwear for pregnancy from SAS

We’ve made it our mission to provide a ton of different styles. Sizes, widths, and colors in our shoe catalog ensure there’s something for everyone. Comfortable footwear for pregnancy, but make it cute! If you aren’t expecting to be expecting any time soon, or if you’re here because someone you know is pregnant, we offer digital gift cards, so moms-to-be can shop when the time is right.