SAS Shoes with Velcro (A Complete List)

Mar 25, 22

Do you ever feel bogged down by spending time tying your shoes before getting out the door? Some occasions require more secure footwear than a slip-on style. The solution? Velcro! Yes, velcro. Forget what you know about velcro shoes when you search for your next pair at SASNola. We’ve elevated velcro styles to look stylish and feel comfortable all day long, nothing like what you probably remember when you were growing up. Our velcro is subtle and strong – it won’t stand out, but it will hold up over time.


Because of our dedication to quality craftsmanship. Just one pair of shoes may go through 100 different steps before completion. We don’t cut a single corner when manufacturing SAS shoes. Approximately 80 different skilled pairs of hands touch each shoe to ensure the SAS shoes you choose are the best-made pair of footwear in your closet. That’s the SASNola promise. 

To make your SAS shopping experience a little more seamless, we’ve gathered all our SAS velcro shoes and put them in one place – right here! Scroll through all the sandals, shoes, heels, and men’s styles that feature velcro for a completely custom, perfect fit.

SAS Velcro Sandals

When we think about SAS velcro shoes, our sandal styles come to mind. Many of these styles are versatile in that you can dress them up or down. Days at the park or the beach are a breeze with velcro sandals because you don’t have to spend any extra time getting them on or off before having fun in the sun. You can participate in any low-to-medium intensity activity wearing several SAS velcro sandal styles, but don’t just take our word for it; shop around and find a pair that fits your style and needs!


Product image of the Aria velcro sandal in Hazel from SASNola



Product image of the Cozy velcro sandal in Linen from SASNola



Product image of the Embark velcro sandal in Cobalt from SASNola



A Product Image of the Huggy Sandal



Product image of the Lisette velcro sandal in Black from SASNola



Product image of the Marina velcro sandal in Shiny Gold from SASNola



Product image of the Nudu velcro sandal in Dawn from SASNola 


Product image of the Pier velcro sandal in Black from SASNola



Product image of the Seaside velcro sandal in Chalk from SASNola




Product image of the Sorrento velcro sandal in black from SASnola

 SAS Velcro Shoes

If sandals don’t suit your lifestyle or climate, don’t fret; we have an array of close-toed SAS velcro shoe styles for you to choose from. Perfect for all outdoor activities, these shoes are just as comfortable and stylish as our sandal styles, but they provide ample protection from the elements too. Shop SAS velcro shoes and see what styles speak to you.



Product image of the Eden velcro shoe in Birch from SASNola



Product image of the Maria velcro shoe in Black from SASNola 

Me Too

Product image of the Me Too velcro shoe in Mocha from SASnola


Race Time


Product image of the Race Time velcro shoe in Chalk from SASnola




Product image of the Roamer velcro shoe in Santolina from SASnola


Step Out

Product image of the Step Out velcro shoe in Brown from SASnola



Product image of the TMV velcro shoe in Silver from SASnola



Product image of the Willow velcro shoe in Walnut from SASNola


SAS Velcro Heels

For dressier occasions, we also carry a few velcro heels to choose from. They’re like a hybrid between a sandal and a heel, but they’ll foot the bill for fancier dress code requests. Plus, they’ll help you feel a little more put together when your other shoes simply aren’t working with your wardrobe.



Product image of the Savanna velcro heel in Multi Snake Gold from SASNola



Product image of the Sunburst velcro shoe in Cream from SASNola



Product image of the Suntimer velcro shoe in Navy from SASNola


Men’s SAS Velcro Shoe Styles

Men – we didn’t forget you! We have a few comfortable SAS velcro shoe styles for you to choose from as well, whether you need them for work, play, or everything in between. Velcro straps make everything just a bit easier, from getting out the door to kicking off your shoes at the end of the day. They even make midday adjustments quick and easy, rather than some tedious trial-and-error lace tying. Shop men’s velcro shoes from SASNola.



Product image of the Endeavor velcro shoe in Iron from SASNola


JV Mesh

Product image of the JV Mesh velcro shoe in Blue from SASNola



Product image of the VTO velcro shoe in Bone from SASNola


Shop Shoes from SASNola for Simplicity, Support, and Style

If SAS velcro shoes aren’t your speed, we have plenty of other types of shoes to browse. We carry a variety of sizes and widths, and each pair showcases our unique footwear technology to ensure comfort and support every step of the way. Shop confidently with our free and easy exchange and return policy; we want every customer to get the right size and perfect fit when they shop SASNola.