Is SAS Shoes Closing?

Mar 31, 22

Short answer: SAS Shoes, the manufacturer, is not going out of business and will remain open.


Some SAS Shoes stores throughout the country have closed their doors for various reasons, including the COVID-19 pandemic. This is not the case for Our online shop remains open for business!

What to Do if Your SAS Store Is Closing:

If your local supplier of SAS shoes is closing or going out of business, try shopping from We offer all of your favorite SAS brand shoes with free shipping and returns. Whether you are new to online shopping or a seasoned professional, we guarantee a simple, seamless experience.

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Woman in yellow pants and white SAS Shoes

Important Notice

There have been many recent reports of false advertisers participating in financial or phishing scams, claiming to offer clearance/closing sales that are too good to be true — spoiler alert: they are too good to be true.

If you come across an advertisement for SAS Shoes that you are unsure of, you can email SAS support to verify the retailer. An easy way to tell is to check the pricing or call the number on the website.


Happy woman wearing SAS shoes

The SAS Shoes brand is not closing. You can find all your favorite SAS sandals, shoes, and more at Happy shopping!