SAS Shoes JV Mesh Gray (WWW): Comfort Men's Shoes
SAS Shoes JV Mesh Gray (WWW): Comfort Men's Shoes
SAS Shoes JV Mesh Gray (WWW): Comfort Men's Shoes
SAS Shoes JV Mesh Gray (WWW): Comfort Men's Shoes

All Men's

JV Mesh Gray (WWW)

SAS Men's Size Chart
6 38 5.5 9  1/2" 24.1
6.5 38-39 6 9  2/3" 24.6
7 39-40 6.5 9  5/6" 25
7.5 40 7 10" 25.4
8 40-41 7.5 10  1/6" 25.8
8.5 41-42 8 10  1/3" 26.2
9 42 8.5 10  1/2" 26.7
9.5 42-43 9 10  2/3" 27.1
10 43-44 9.5 10  5/6" 27.5
10.5 44 10 11" 28
11 44-45 10.5 11  1/6" 28.4
11.5 45-46 11 11  1/3" 28.8
12 46 11.5 11  1/2" 29.2
12.5 46-47 12 11  2/3" 29.6
13 47-48 12.5 11  5/6" 30.1
13.5 48 13 12" 30.5
14 48-49 13.5 12  1/6" 30.9
14.5 49-50 14 12  1/3" 31.3
15 50 14.5 12  1/2" 31.8
15.5 - 15 12  2/3" 32.2
16 - 15.5 12  5/6" 32.6

 SAS Men's Width Guide

Tradition Width SAS Equivalent
B Slim (S)
C Narrow (N)
D Medium (M)
E Wide (W)
2E - 3E Double Wide (WW)
3E - 4E Triple Wide (WWW)


Tips for Measuring and Fitting

- Remember, when we go up in size, the width will also increase.
- All styles fit differently.

- Many customers may require doctor recommended orthotics. Inserts may require added depth in the shoe and make it fit differently, so try to account for this adjustment.

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  • Adjustable hook and loop straps lend a custom fit to the stylish and functional J-V Mesh. SAS Comfort Outsole™, SteadyTrac Midsole, and Arcfit™ heel stabilizer work together to provide you maximum firm but gentle support. Tripad® Technology adds additional support to the three main pressure points of the foot, while SAS CoolSTEP™ foot bed and a leather and mesh upper make for a light design with no heat build up underfoot.

    Medicare Approved: This style in Gray has met the standards set by Medicare. Please see your doctor for details and qualifications.

    Heel Height: 1.75". This item features a removable footbed.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
William Canady
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
From: Morganton, GA

JV Mesh Blue

Richard Loder

JV Mesh Gray

Toby Witt
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
SAS shoes with Velcro closure

I ordered SAS shoes for my husband who has narrow width, Parkinson’s—-dementia. He can put them on himself and close them. Yipppeee

P. Schneider
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
From: Michigan
JV Mesh

I was looking for a sneaker made here in the USA and found the SAS brand. Always reluctant to buy without trying them on I finally caved in and ordered a pair when I found that a local shoe store did not carry this variety of sneaker. When I received the sneakers I tried them on and wore them around the house and found them to be a perfect fit. They are light weight, they don't overheat, they don't need insoles, I can maneuver easily and there is the right amount of cushioning which makes for easy walking.
They are worth the money and will at some point buy them again

Steve Julius
Company even better than the product.

Do not get me wrong...I am completely satisfied with the tennis shoes that I got from SAS. My review though is more about the customer service and integrity of the company itself. The shoes that I ordered came to me and were a little small. I had gone to a local retail store and had myself sized for a pair of shoes and if they would have had them I would have bought them on the spot and that would have that. They gave me a time frame for when they would have them in stock. In the mean time I discovered SAS and ordered a pair of shoes from them. As stated they were a little small and when I contacted them they did not even blink...they sent me a label to return them and then they sent the bigger size which are awesome. I have no idea whether the shoe store missed the size or what happened so no blame is placed. I just know that when I need more shoes I will immediately go to SAS and will send anybody I know to them as well.