Top 3 Comfortable Shoes for Older Women

Oct 04, 22

The older we get, the more we realize that comfort is king. After all, there’s no sense in straining yourself for style when you discover a brand that offers style and comfort. 


At SAS, we carry an array of comfortable shoes for older women that give you the support you need without sacrificing style. 


Footcare and Footwear Go Hand in Hand


When you get older, you have to pay special attention to things you might’ve had the luxury of ignoring for years or even decades. But, in an instant, those aches can become a big pain. Your muscles can wear and tear, your joints can get bumped out of place, and your bones can break. And the recovery period for any injury becomes much longer the older you get. 


That’s why comfortable shoes for elderly women are paramount. They protect against unnecessary pain and strain. Besides good shoes, consider trying a good foot rub, foot cream, and foot scrub. And be sure to kick your feet up often. You deserve a break!


What to Look for in Comfortable Shoes for Elderly Women


Ease is everything. When bending, twisting, crouching, and getting back up again get difficult, slip-on shoes become a game changer. You shouldn’t have to fiddle with something as finicky as shoelaces when you’re just trying to get on your way. 


At SAS, we specialize in shoes that won’t slow you down. 


In addition to accessibility, look for shoe technology. Shock-absorbing soles and cushy footbeds or inserts are essential in a comfortable shoe for older women. 


Here are some of our top-selling styles to consider: 


#1. SAS Bliss


Product image of the SAS Bliss style, a comfortable shoe for older women

Why try this style: Bliss is size and width inclusive and comes in many colors. It’s the ultra no-fuss slip-on wedge. In terms of shoe technology, Bliss features a flex fabric upper, a removable SAS comfort footbed, SAS Tripad ®  cushions, and the SAS lightweight Supersoft® sole. The simple look of this style allows for ample versatility. Bliss can work for everyday wear or dressier affairs—all while making being on your feet a breeze. 


If you’re looking for a comfortable shoe for older women that offers the support and simplicity you need, try Bliss on for size. 


#2. SAS Simplify


Product image of the SAS Simplify style, a comfortable shoe for older women


Why try this style: Just like Bliss, Simplify is size and width inclusive, but this style comes in more colors, prints, and textures. You’re sure to find a pair of Simplify slip-ons that suits your style. For those who like to keep it simple, there’s no better option than Simplify, a slip-on moccasin loafer with timeless style. 


Simplify features the SAS Tri-Pad® comfort system, SAS comfort footbed, and the all-day comfort Supersoft® lightweight sole, and showcases a genuine moccasin construction. 


If you want all the bells and whistles of our most innovative shoe technology coupled with seamless, simple style, Simplify is the comfortable shoe for older women that we’d recommend. 


#3. SAS Free Time


Product image of the SAS Free Time style, a comfortable shoe for older women


Why try this style: Free Time, a traditional laced shoe style, is one of our favorites. As always, this style is size and width inclusive and comes in an array of colors. Plus, these ultra-comfortable walking shoes are a long-time SAS customer favorite! Free Time marries the best of the best of SAS shoe tech, from SAS’s CoolStep™ footbed, odor-resistant Tripad® cushions, and tongue holder, to the EZ lace system to allow for a completely custom fit. 


If you’re looking to level up your everyday walking shoes but you still like the look and feel of a laced shoe style, try Free Time. Free Time is a comfortable shoe for elderly women worth looking into. 


Focus on Your Feet with Comfortable Shoes for Older Women from SAS


Many people tend to forget about their feet unless something is obviously wrong or uncomfortable. The only real way for older folks to “forget” about their feet is to wear footwear that’s crafted with the right things in mind. With SAS shoes, you’ll find comfort and support in every step, no matter what. 


By putting your feet first with the right footwear, your quality of life will improve drastically. Ready to get started? See all the styles SAS has to offer.