Top 4 Shoes for Stability

Jan 13, 23

If you feel like you have two left feet, this one’s for you. Stability shoes are for more than flat-footed runners, they’re for anyone who feels a little wobbly when they walk. Well-fitting shoes should help you feel grounded wherever you need to go. They should help you feel connected to the Earth and anchored. 

Today we’re talking about stability shoes—who they’re for, their key characteristics, and our style suggestions as you step into your new favorite pair of footwear. 

Who Are Stability Shoes For?

Originally, the intent behind this type of shoe was to correct certain foot behaviors by having extra support in the midsole or arch area to help keep the feet in a neutral position. Hence being closely aligned with runners and athletes, since their feet deal with a lot of pressure and wear and tear. So, we’re talking about people with flat feet, people who overpronate, and people who have issues with balance. If you’re looking for a sign that stability shoes are for you, take a look at your footwear to see if there’s an excessive wear pattern on the inside edge of the bottom.

With that said, there are different levels of stability in stability shoes. Sometimes super supportive stability shoes can be a bit much if you’re starting from the standard style. They can feel stiff. Shopping from brands with easy return and exchange policies will be your best friend as you figure out what feels best. 

What to Look for in Stability Shoes

Even if a shoe isn’t positioned as a stability shoe, if it has the right support, it can do what you need it to do. Arch support, comfortable cushioning, and sturdy soles are just a few characteristics to keep an eye out for. When it comes to SAS, several of our styles put flexibility first and allow you to create a completely custom fit with all the essential bells and whistles.

Top 4 Stability Shoe Styles from SAS

1. SAS Tour

product image of the SAS Tour, a starter stability shoe

The SAS Tour stability shoe features our EZ Lace system that provides even tension across the instep as laces slide easily. A removable footbed, shock-absorbing midsole, and a flexible outsole keep your foot supported and cushioned. This shoe is full of support and comfort, as promised.

2. SAS Sporty Lux

product image of the SAS Sporty Lux, a supportive stability shoe

Have you seen the SAS Sporty Lux stability shoe? It’s made from premium leather and breathable nylon. This lightweight, flexible line includes TRIPAD® Technology and SAS Flex™ technology for improved stability and traction. Each pair of these comfortable tennis shoes includes alternative laces, which makes it easy to customize your style.

3. SAS Pursuit 

product image of the SAS Pursuit, a men’s stability shoe

If you’ve scrolled past the SAS Pursuit before, your search for stability shoes ends with this style. This style features breathable mesh, TPU material for ventilation, a shock-absorbing Ultra-lite® midsole, and a Meramax® sole to cushion your feet in every activity that gets you up and at ‘em. 

4. SAS Venture 

product image of the SAS Venture, a men’s stability shoe

Introducing our final style suggestion for stability shoes: the SAS Venture. The SAS Venture includes a CoolSTEP™ that keeps your foot dry and well-ventilated all day and an improved design that makes our shock-absorbing comfort sole lighter and more flexible for supportive and cushioned steps. 

Shop These Styles and More Only at SAS—Your One-Stop Shop for Stability Shoes

If you spend any time on your feet, you’ll find the shoes you need at SAS. You might be able to find shoes that look similar to ours, but you won’t find anything that comes close to the quality, comfort, and support in SAS shoes. All our shoes feature the latest innovative footwear technology that focuses on comfort and support while staying stylish. 

So, if you’re in the market for stability shoes, whether it’s your first pair or your first or second pair from SAS, you’ve come to the right place. Put your best foot forward with shoes that support you where you need it without sacrificing comfort or style.