Top 5 Comfortable Shoes for Bunions

Oct 11, 22

According to Cleveland Clinic, up to one in three Americans have bunions. The foot condition is more common in older adults and women. 

A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of your big toe. It can happen when the bones in the front part of your foot move out of place, perhaps due to ill-fitting shoes, preexisting foot conditions, or foot injuries.

Unfortunately, bunions don’t just go away if you leave them alone. Treatment is necessary, but the kind of treatment you’ll need varies based on the severity of the condition. 

According to Mayo Clinic, the following are methods of treatment for bunions:

  • Wear comfortable shoes that give your toes plenty of space
  • Wear bunion pads or cushions
  • Take acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, or cortisone injections
  • Wear shoe inserts 
  • Ice the area

And, of course, surgery is an option if the condition is so severe that none of the above treatments don’t work. 

Our area of expertise is comfortable, supportive, and stylish footwear for all. If you’re in the market for footwear you’ll want to wear, try SASnola. We’ve gathered our top shoe styles that focus on foot comfort for all sorts of foot conditions, including comfortable shoes for bunions as you start your search. 


Know What to Look for in Comfortable Shoes for Bunions


You’ll want a wide toe box and extra depth in the design to give toes plenty of space, coupled with comfortable, stretchy fabrics and padded interiors. If possible, seek out styles that ease the pressure on your bunion, but that might vary based on your preferred style and your bunion location. 


#1. SAS Free Time

Product image of the SAS Free Time, a women’s comfortable shoe for bunions


Free Time features a removable footbed, TRIPAD® cushioning, added depth for extra toe room, and a soft sole for shock absorption to help keep your feet in blissful comfort. The SAS EZ Lace system allows laces to slide easily for even tension across the instep, with no pointed pressure. 


This women’s comfortable shoe for bunions comes in an array of colors, sizes, and widths, allowing everyone to find their perfect fit in this style. 


#2. SAS Embark

Product image of the SAS Embark, a women’s comfortable shoe for bunions


If you’re more interested in your open-toe options (since sometimes breathability is better), Embark is worth considering. The adjustable straps provide complete control over the fit and the cushioned insole contours to your foot to provide enhanced comfort. The soft lining surrounds your foot, and the shock-absorbing sole helps support every step. 


As far as comfortable shoes for bunions go—or sandals—you can’t go wrong with SAS Embark. 


#3. SAS Time Out

Product image of the SAS Time Out, a men’s comfortable shoe for bunions


SAS Time Out has a removable, cushioned footbed for all-day comfort, added depth for extra toe room, TRIPAD® Technology, and a padded tongue. Plush comfort surrounds your foot in this shoe. Again, the SAS EZ Lace system allows for even pressure and stability in the shoe and is paired with perforated leather on the upper for breathability. 


We’re confident that this men’s comfortable shoe for bunions will be a win as it comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and widths, suitable for anyone’s style. 


#4. SAS Move On

Product image of the SAS Move On, a men’s comfortable shoe for bunions


Move On features TRIPAD® Technology as well as our soft, lightweight sole. S-Motion Technology® is built in, which aids in the three-step walking motion, from the initial heel strike through the mid-step to the final toe push-off. This style is simple, protective, and supportive, perfect for anyone looking for a new everyday shoe. 


Try Move On for size if you’re searching for a pair of comfortable shoes for bunions.



Product image of the SAS VTO, a men’s comfortable shoe for bunions


Last but not least, we present SAS VTO. This style features the SAS CoolSTEP™ footbed for ample ventilation and SAS odor-resistant Tripad® Technology, which lends additional support to the three primary pressure points of the foot. Plus, there’s added depth that allows plenty of room for the toes to spread out and the SAS EZ Strap™ that allows for a completely custom fit.


Experience the support of VTO if you’re in the market for a comfortable shoe for bunions. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with your choice. 


Shop Comfortable Shoes for Bunions from SAS


You shouldn’t have to think twice about what’s on your feet. With SAS shoes, you’ll find comfort and support in every step. Say goodbye to counting down the seconds until you can kick off your shoes at the end of the day, and say hello to living an active and involved lifestyle without having to worry about foot pain — regardless of whether or not you have bunions.