The 4 Most Durable and Sturdy Shoes

Jan 04, 23

A small yet significant way to improve your quality of life starts with your footwear. Sturdy, durable shoes that are comfortable and supportive are total game-changers. No more aches, no more pain—just practical kicks with a perfect fit. 

We know it’s super frustrating when your shoes fall apart, especially when it feels like you just bought them. That’s why we focus on quality materials. 

One pair of our shoes may go through up to a hundred different steps in the manufacturing process—from leather selection, die-making, cutting, lasting, and more. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that 80 different skilled pairs of hands are carefully constructing and inspecting each shoe to ensure the SAS shoes you choose are the best-made pair of footwear in your closet. That’s what we like to call durable shoes.

Start your search with supportive, sturdy shoe styles from SAS and find out what your feet have been missing. 


What to Look for When Shopping for Durable Shoes

As we mentioned, quality is key, but it’s important to know where to look when trying to figure out the sturdiness and durability of your shoes. Strong soles and premium leather are the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a quick spotlight on what sets SAS apart: the latest and greatest shoe tech. Comfort? Check. Support? Check. Sturdiness? Check. Durability? Check!


Look for our EZ Lace™ System to ensure your foot is stable and secure, the X-Tra Grip Sole for increased stability, our TRIPAD® Cushions for comfort and support, and our Waterguard™ Leather for durability against the elements. Find those features and more in the SAS shoe store and find your perfect pair. 


1. The SAS Guardian

Product image of the SAS Guardian, a durable shoe for men

If you’re looking for a SAS shoe that can do it all, look no further than the SAS Guardian. This versatile shoe is perfect for whatever keeps you on your feet. This sturdy shoe features our slip-resistant SAS X-Tra Grip Sole™ as well as our CoolSTEP™ removable footbed and our famed TRIPAD® Technology to ensure a completely comfortable and supportive fit. Shop the SAS Guardian for a durable shoe for all your footwear needs. 


2. The SAS Bravo

Product image of the SAS Bravo, a sturdy sandal for men

For a sturdy sandal style that will last multiple seasons, look no further! The SAS Bravo Sandal was designed with durability in mind, unlike whatever you’ll find anywhere else. It’s adjustable, durable, and comfortable. This sandal showcases our Ultra-Puff™ Lining that cushions the arches and curves of your feet for maximum support without sacrificing style. For a durable shoe style, shop the SAS Bravo.


3. The SAS Liberty 

Product image of the SAS Liberty, a durable shoe for women

No matter what you need them for, the SAS Liberty will be a perfect fit. Slip-resistant, water-resistant, comfortable, supportive, and sturdy, these shoes are good for everything from everyday errands to outdoor activities to a day on the job, and they’re built to last longer than just a season. Stay secure on your feet in these comfortable, durable shoes from SAS. 


4. The SAS Relaxed

Product image of the SAS Relaxed, a sturdy sandal for women

Sandals that are sturdy and durable? Look no further. These sandals will be sturdy for more than one summer. Cushioned straps wrap the foot in soft leather, adjustable straps allow you to create a completely custom fit, and our Lightweight Shock-Absorbing Sole provides the shock-absorbancy and protection you need from whatever falls in your path. Comfortable, casual, and classic? That’s a relaxed, sturdy shoe from SAS.


Find Sturdy, Durable Shoes from SASNola. 

You deserve high-quality shoes that are built to last no matter how often you wear them. Let the right pair of shoes support you! Whether you need comfortable, supportive shoes for work or play, we have dozens of styles in varying widths, sizes, and colors waiting to stand the test of time.


After all, the right pair of sturdy shoes will improve your quality of life, no question. Find top-selling durable shoes for men and women from SASNola.