Top 5 Comfortable Shoes for Teaching

Jan 03, 23

Teachers don’t get enough credit for everything they do. From the early morning prep to the after-hours grading to the endless time on their feet, teachers do a lot every day to provide an open, supportive, and educational space for the up-and-coming generation. 

The best we can do to support these selfless souls is provide comfortable shoes for teachers in countless styles and sizes so they don’t have to think about podiatry pain while they’re working their magic.

Let’s talk about our top comfortable shoes for teaching today, shall we? 


Teachers Deserve the Latest and Greatest Shoe Tech

Standing up for hours on end can do a number on your feet, and the wear and tear won’t be worth it in the long run. On the bright side, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, support, and quality, thanks to the SAS shoe closet. A few of our favorite features include our Tripad Technology, EZ Lace System, and our supportive soles. To see the best shoe tech in action, read on for our showcase of some of the most comfortable shoes loved by teachers


SAS Classic 

Product image of the SAS Classic, a comfortable shoe for teaching

If you love the loafer look, this classic comfortable shoe for teachers is the style to start with. In terms of tech, the SAS Classic features genuine moccasin construction, the SAS Foot-Shape® Last, and a cushioned outsole. Comfort is key with support coming in a close second.


SAS Viva

Product image of the SAS VIVA, a comfortable shoe for teaching

This leather slip-on comes with all the bells and whistles nestled in a seemingly simple design. You’ll find all-day comfort thanks to our TRIPAD® Technology, the Supersoft® Sole, and the CoolSTEP™ Footbed. The SAS Viva is an unassuming comfortable shoe for teachers that is properly supportive and stylish at the same time. 


SAS Simplify

Product image of the SAS Simplify, a comfortable shoe for teaching

If you want to jazz things up with something besides black, the Simplify style is worth a look. As we write this, there are fourteen colors to choose from. Beyond the variety, this style showcases some of our best tech, making it a superbly comfortable shoe for teachers to consider. From the full Tri-Pad® Comfort System to the All-Day Comfort Supersoft® Lightweight Sole and the SAS Comfort Footbed, this timeless moccasin slip-on style supports your foot in optimal comfort while staying fashionable. 


SAS Side Gore

Product image of the SAS Side Gore, a comfortable shoe for teaching

Men, don’t worry, we’re not leaving you out. You’re just as deserving of some comfortable shoes for teaching. Let’s start with the SAS Side Gore, a versatile style that’ll work for more than just the school day. The construction of this style features soft premium leather and padded lining, as well as gore panels on each side to create a snug and flexible fit. In terms of tech, the Side Gore showcases our TRIPAD® Technology and CoolStep™ Foot Bed to create custom comfort for your feet. 


SAS Ambassador 

Product image of the SAS Ambassador, a comfortable shoe for teaching.

Finally, another men’s style, the SAS Ambassador. The Ambassador is another versatile style that’ll cushion your feet in comfort. Featuring our tried and true TRIPAD® Technology, a Leather-Covered SAS Contoured Foot Bed, our All-day Comfort Supersoft® Lightweight Sole, and the SAS Foot-Shape® Last, the Ambassador helps you stay comfortable and supported when you have to stay on your feet. This comfortable shoe for teachers is a winner without a doubt. 


Slip on Supportive, Comfortable Shoes for Teachers from SAS

Teachers deserve to kick their feet up at the end of the day, but not because their feet are sore, worn, and tired. Foot pain should be the absolute last thing you have to worry about when you’re a teacher. 


That’s why we want to provide comfortable shoes for teaching to support you throughout the day with all your other priorities. Focus your attention where it’s needed and say goodbye to the physical discomfort associated with your footwear with these comfortable shoe styles from SAS. 


If you’re still not sold by any of these styles, start by scrolling through our bestsellers.