5 Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia

Mar 03, 23

In an effort to recommend shoes for every foot condition, today we’re bringing you the best shoes for metatarsalgia and giving you an overview of the diagnosis. Spoiler alert: all SAS shoes are fit for the job. They’re all supportive, comfortable, and reliable. But, certain styles are more suited to certain conditions, so let’s get into it. 


What Is Metatarsalgia?


Put simply, Metatarsalgia refers to pain in the ball of the foot. More specifically, it’s a condition in which the ball of your foot becomes painful and inflamed, according to the Mayo Clinic. You could develop it if you participate in activities that involve running and jumping, but there are other causes as well including foot deformities and shoes that are too tight or too loose. 


At-home treatments such as ice and rest often relieve symptoms, but wearing proper footwear with shock-absorbing insoles or arch supports could prevent or minimize future problems with metatarsalgia. Shoes that fit right make all the difference. 


What to Look for in the Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia


If you’re skipping the inserts, stick to the insoles. After all, shock absorption is key. The point of these insoles is to dissipate the massive amount of kinetic energy you gain in every step. So, if you’re looking for a shoe as active as you so you can keep on your feet as you please, the search stops with SAS. 


The Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia for Women


We’ve picked three totally different shoe styles with the shock absorption you need to prevent and alleviate your foot pain. Find the right pair for your feet and your lifestyle, with our sandals, slip-ons, actives, and more. 


SAS Free Time

SAS Free Time, the best shoe for metatarsalgia

Free Time comes in several colors, sizes, and widths, which makes it your next go-to shoe. These ultra-comfortable walking shoes are a long-time SAS customer favorite. They feature a removable footbed, TRIPAD® cushioning, added depth for extra toe room, and a soft sole for shock absorption to help keep your feet in blissful comfort. Plus, the SAS EZ Lace system allows laces to slide easily for even tension across the instep. 


Feel supported in one of our most dependable shoe styles. Free Time is a top contender for the best shoes for metatarsalgia


SAS Simplify

SAS Simplify, the best shoe for metatarsalgia

Simplify also comes in many colors, sizes, and widths, so if variety and comfort are what you’re looking for, this slip-on style is practical and perfect for you. If the name didn’t tip you off, this style is for those who like to keep it simple. Simplify is a slip-on moccasin loafer with timeless style. It's made of soft leather with padded lining that wraps completely around the foot for a plush fit. A removable cushioned footbed and a lightweight shock-absorbing sole support you with every step, 


This sophisticated style is one of the best shoes for metatarsalgia you can find at SAS. 



SAS Duo, the best shoe for metatarsalgia

Duo has just as many colors, sizes, and widths as the last few, but with a warm-weather twist. Say yes to sandals! This style features three adjustable buckles that provide a customized fit, while a plush comfort insole and shock-absorbing sole keep you on your feet all day. The lined leather ankle strap adds stability with each step. If you’re looking for comfortable, flat sandals that support you from heel to toe, try this style on for size. 


If you’re looking for a sandal, this style should be up for consideration as the next best shoes for metatarsalgia


The Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia for Men


We’ve got some suggestions for the gentlemen too! Whether you’re looking for business shoes or casual shoes, these two styles are just for you. Feel comfortable on your feet while you do whatever you do in the best shoes for metatarsalgia for men. 


SAS 'Bout Time

SAS ‘Bout Time, the best shoe for metatarsalgia

For more formal affairs, the ‘Bout Time has it all. The handsewn moccasin construction wraps soft leather completely around the foot in this long-time SAS favorite. A removable footbed molds to the foot's natural arch, a flexible sole provides maximum shock absorption, and the EZ Lace system provides even tension across the instep. It’s comfortable, supportive, and stylish. 


Shop one of the best shoes for metatarsalgia from SAS and see what this bestseller is all about. 


SAS Pursuit 

Product image of the SAS Pursuit, the best shoe for metatarsalgia

If you’re looking for support and comfort, you’ll find that and more from the Pursuit so you can pursue whatever activities you love. With breathable mesh, TPU material for ventilation, a shock-absorbing Ultra-lite® midsole, and a Meramax® sole, your feet will be cushioned in a cloud sent from footwear heaven. 


For active folks, this is the best shoe for metatarsalgia to protect and support you on nearly every excursion. 


The Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia Come From SAS


As always, if you’re dealing with foot pain or discomfort, a surefire way to take care of your feet is by upgrading your footwear to more supportive, comfortable styles from the selection at SASNola. We believe you should be comfortable while you’re on your feet no matter where you’re going. That’s why our designs all rely on and utilize the latest shoe tech to bring you comfort and support in countless reliable, high-quality styles. 


No matter the foot condition, we have a shoe for you that will be the fit you’ve been looking for. Say goodbye to uncomfortable shoes and start preventing pain by upgrading your footwear.


If you’re still not sold on any of these styles, start by scrolling through our bestsellers.