Top 5 SAS Diabetic Sandals for Women

Jul 14, 22

Have you stayed away from sandals after being diagnosed with diabetes? We understand why—most mainstream sandal brands aren’t built with the support and comfort you need in footwear. The things to be mindful of when shoe shopping are some of the foot symptoms associated with diabetes, including:

  • Neuropathy 
  • General foot pain
  • Foot ulcers
  • Bunions
  • Corns
  • Fungal infections
  • Gangrene
  • General nerve damage 
  • Hammertoe

It’s important to know what to look for, especially when shopping for women’s diabetic sandals. Here are the boxes Healthline suggests your next pair of shoes or sandals should check:

  • Footwear should be lightweight—your feet should be able to move and breathe
  • Look for shoes that are crafted from a flexible material such as leather, canvas, or suede
  • Shoes should feature a shock-absorbing sole which will help relieve foot pressure 
  • Keep an eye out for customizable sandals that you can adjust as needed for swelling or discomfort throughout the day
  • Look for as much overall foot support as possible
  • Ensure the sandal fits well and matches your unique foot shape

With that, here are a few of our best women’s diabetic sandals for your consideration:

1. SAS Relaxed

Product image of the SAS relaxed women’s diabetic sandal

Style Highlights:

This style features thick, cushioned straps that wrap the foot in soft leather as well as adjustable straps that offer maximum adjustability. The wide sole base provides increased stability and maximum shock absorbency. This feature, along with the contoured footbed and multi-layered insole, works to "rebound" every step and provide you with all-day cushioned comfort, something critical in a women’s diabetic sandal.

2. SAS Nudu

Product image of the SAS Nudu women’s diabetic sandal

Style Highlights:

For a dressier women’s diabetic sandal style, with as subtle of a heel as you can get, Nudu offers a plush, contoured insole covered in soft super suede that cradles your foot's natural curves and arches. The leather upper is padded for ultimate comfort, and adjustable leather straps let you tailor your fit.

3. SAS Embark

Product image of the SAS Embark women’s diabetic sandal

Style Highlights:

If you’re more on the go and on your feet (or if you want to be but haven’t been due to foot discomfort), Embark might be the style for you. The adjustable straps provide complete control over your sandal’s fit, while a cushioned insole contours to the foot and provides enhanced comfort. Soft lining surrounds your foot, and the shock-absorbing sole helps support every step. This is one of our bestselling women’s diabetic sandal styles, perfect for everyday errands or adventures outdoors.

4. SAS Huggy

Product image of the SAS Huggy women’s diabetic sandal

Style Highlights:

If you’re seeking a comfortable, everyday women’s diabetic sandal, Huggy fits the bill. This style features wide leather straps that gently hug the foot to add security to your step, in addition to a broad and contoured insole covered in super suede that supports the natural arch of the foot. Finally, Huggy has an adjustable EZ Strap that offers a custom fit and added comfort.

5. SAS Mystic

Product image of the SAS Mystic women’s diabetic sandal

Style Highlights:

If you want as much customizability in your women’s diabetic sandal as possible, Mystic is for you. This style features four adjustable buckles, a cushioned insole with super suede lining that surrounds your foot in comfort, and a shock-absorbing sole that helps support each step.

SAS Shoe Technology at its Finest

In terms of design, you probably noticed some key similarities across those five styles. Comfort, flexibility, support, and style all have a place in our women’s diabetic sandals. At SAS, we want you to slip on your sandals and do what you need to do without worrying about taking breaks, dreading having to get up in the morning, or hurrying through your day to kick your feet up.

Start taking life one step at a time, stress-free and without pain.

Shop SAS women’s diabetic sandals and find your perfect fit—something customizable, comfortable, and supportive.