Top 5 SAS Diabetic Sandals for Men

Aug 12, 22

Sometimes, it seems like men get the short end of the stick in terms of shoe and sandal styles, no? Especially when you’re looking for something specific like men’s diabetic sandals. At SAS, we’re changing the narrative about footwear and offering shoes and sandals that are comfortable, cool, and supportive all at the same time. We want everyone who suffers from foot conditions to have multiple options to choose from so you can find a shoe or sandal style you like rather than sacrificing style for something that only suits your needs.

When shoe shopping, be mindful of some of the foot symptoms associated with diabetes, including:

  • Neuropathy 
  • General foot pain
  • Foot ulcers
  • Bunions
  • Corns
  • Fungal infections
  • Gangrene
  • General nerve damage 
  • Hammertoe

It’s critical to know what to look for, especially when shopping for men’s diabetic sandals. Here are the boxes Healthline suggests your next pair of shoes or sandals should check:

  • Footwear should be lightweight—your feet should be able to move and breathe
  • Look for shoes crafted from a flexible material such as leather, canvas, or suede
  • Shoes should feature a shock-absorbing sole which will help relieve foot pressure 
  • Keep an eye out for customizable sandals that you can adjust as needed for swelling or discomfort throughout the day
  • Look for as much overall foot support as possible
  • Ensure the sandal fits well and matches your unique foot shape

With that, here are a few of our best men’s diabetic sandals for your consideration.

1. SAS Bravo

Product image of the SAS Bravo men’s diabetic sandal

Style Highlights:

This men’s diabetic sandal has comfort written all over it. The genuine leather outer is lined with a super soft padded cushion that surrounds the foot. It features three adjustable straps with buckles so you can customize your perfect fit, while an insole wrapped in “Super Suede” hugs the arches and curves of your foot. If a comfortable sandal is what you’re after, Bravo may be the style for you.


Product image of the SAS Escape men’s diabetic sandal

Style Highlights:

If you’re looking to finally swap your flimsy flip-flops, try the SAS Escape slip-on men’s diabetic sandal. The Escape has genuine leather that showcases handcrafted stitching for a higher-quality appearance. This sandal is designed to be durable, supportive, and comfortable for all-day wear, with a cushioned insole that contours to the curves of your foot and a shock-absorbing sole to enhance stability. It’s great for days at the pool, lake, beach, on a boat, or just being out and about. This style works to make sure you don’t feel foot pain throughout or at the end of the day.


Product image of the SAS Endeavor men’s diabetic sandal

Style Highlights:

Perhaps you’re looking for a truly everyday, all-day style, perfect for hours on your feet or for just getting around. Meet Endeavor. This men’s diabetic sandal showcases adjustable straps, soft inner lining, and enhanced cushioning for easy comfort and long-lasting support.

4. SAS Voyage

Product image of the SAS Voyage men’s diabetic sandal

Style Highlights:

Looking for a perfect fit men’s diabetic sandal for everyday wear? Try SAS Voyage. This sandal combines SAS leather with supersoft microsuede for optimal comfort all day. The stretch gore across the top or band of the sandal ensures total flexibility while walking, and the contoured, molded insole ensures your foot sits naturally. This sandal style emphasizes comfort and support, so try the Voyage if that’s what you’re after in your next pair.

5. SAS Edge

Product image of the SAS Edge men’s diabetic sandal

Style Highlights:

Edge, our final men’s diabetic sandal feature of the article, is the style cousin to the Escape from earlier. This slip-on sandal features genuine leather with the same handcrafted stitch that makes the slide style perfectly casual and comfortable. The insole is cushioned and contours to the curves of your foot, while the shock-absorbing sole adds the durability and support you need from your sandals.

SAS Shoe Technology at Its Finest

Design-wise, you probably noticed some key similarities across those styles. Comfort, flexibility, support, and style all have a place in our men’s diabetic sandals. At SAS, we want you to slip on your sandals and do what you need to do without worrying about taking breaks, dreading having to get up in the morning, or hurrying through your day to kick your feet up.

Start taking life one step at a time, stress-free and without pain.

Shop all SAS men’s diabetic sandal styles and find your perfect fit—something customizable, comfortable, and supportive.