A Gift for Everyone: SAS Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 02, 21

Couple wearing SAS shoes in front of a flickering fireplace

Have you ever tried to buy the perfect gift for someone on your list and come up short? Nowadays, people are more inclined to buy what they want for themselves rather than wait and wish for people to guess right when the season of gifting rolls around. 

Now that the holidays are in full force, time is ticking for you to get those gifts ordered (especially with supply chain shortages and postal delays in mind). If you’re having a hard time picking the perfect present, here’s our 2021 SAS Holiday Gift Guide, full of the best work shoes, comfortable tennis shoes, and more. 

Get your loved ones something they can not only use but appreciate, too – something that can improve their quality of life. Simply put, get them comfortable SAS shoes!


SAS Active Styles: The Gift for the Athletic One

An athletic woman wearing black, comfortable tennis shoes stretching in the park before her run

We make the most comfortable running shoes and comfortable tennis shoes around. It’s our way of competing in the (over)saturated athletic market – because shoes have to fit and fit well for people to want to wear them, let alone work out in them regularly! 


Athletic folks are likely on their feet multiple times a week, which probably means their active shoe styles wear out quickly. The great thing about SAS shoes is that they are built for comfort and built to last, so if you’re shopping for an avid gym-goer, outdoor adventurer, or athletic aficionado, you’ll be able to find their perfect pair. 

Shop Men’s and Women’s active shoe styles online. 

SAS Work Styles: The Gift for the On-The-Job Friend

A man wearing jeans and the best work shoes from SAS stepping down from a yellow bulldozer at a construction site

Our work shoe styles are pretty universal, so if your loved one works a typical 9-5, or if they’re on their feet as a server or retail associate, they can benefit from SAS shoes –  the best work shoes on the market. This all-encompassing category includes everything from casual styles to dressier, professional styles. If you know someone who could use a comfortable pair of work shoes, take a look at what we have to offer and make their workday a bit more bearable.


Shop Men’s and Women’s work shoe styles at SAS. 


SAS Dress Shoes: The Gift for Formal Affairs

A well-dressed man wearing SAS dress shoes and a blazer sitting outside on a bench against a brick wall

Comfortable dress shoes for men and comfortable dress shoes for women are hard to come by, don’t you think? It’s ESPECIALLY hard to find stylish and comfortable dress styles. With SAS dress shoes, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. For the shoe lover in your life, this is a major win. Plus, our dress shoes are made with premium, top-quality leather and come in an array of colors and styles. Your shoe-obsessed friend may even toss their uncomfortable heels or stiff loafers in favor of SAS comfortable shoe styles. Who knows? Comfort > everything else in our opinion!


Shop Men’s and Women’s dress shoes here. 


SAS Everyday Shoes: The Gift for – Well, Everyone!

A smiling woman wearing comfortable tennis shoes while sitting in the bed of a black truck

Most people spend at least a little time on their feet every day, even if it’s just getting to and from their car, desk, or mailbox. Having comfortable walking shoes that you can simply slip on whenever you need to run out and do something makes everything a bit easier. 


Sometimes, you don’t want to get all dolled up to go out, so having some easy, everyday shoes helps remedy that, you know? 


That’s where our comfortable walking shoes come in. They’re ideal for everything, from taking out the trash to spending an afternoon holiday shopping at the mall. If you need to be on your feet, SAS shoes are the best option – comfortable, stylish, high quality, well made. Everything that footwear should be.


Shop Men’s and Women’s casual shoe styles for everyone on your gift list. 


SAS: Your Holiday One-Stop-Shop

fashionable man sitting on outdoor steps  wearing black, comfortable dress shoes from SAS

We only covered a few personas here today, but we think you get the idea: Comfortable shoes from SAS are the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year! A good, high-quality pair of shoes can make everyday life simpler because you won’t have to worry about achy feet at the end of the day. Everybody needs – or at least could use – a good pair of SAS shoes. Don’t take our word for it; take a look at the reviews!


Don’t know which shoes your loved one will like? We have gift cards! Let them choose for themselves. Happy holidays!