What Are SAS Shoes?

Jul 07, 21

"SAS" stands for San Antonio Shoemakers™. Sometimes customers refer to us by our abbreviated name, which is SAS /‘es’a‘es/, but that’s not what matters. What matters is how people enjoy the comfort and quality of our shoes. Each pair of SAS shoes goes through approximately 14 primary operations to ensure excellence from leather selection, die-making, cutting, lasting, and more. 


SAS Shoes for Men and Women

Since the beginning of SAS shoes in 1976, and as our company has grown, we’ve stayed up to date with our customers’ changing tastes. We believe we developed a unique approach that embraces the best of Italian design as well as SAS comfort for both men and women.

At SAS, we carry a variety of shoes to fit your lifestyle and needs. If you are on your feet all day for work, we can guarantee our shoes will take care of your feet. For travel and walking, again, SAS shoes will take care of your feet so you can enjoy miles of exploring, without unnecessary pain. For women, we have an entire boot line to accommodate comfort, fashion, and quality, and for both men and women, our dress shoes balance support and professionalism. Lastly, we also incorporate slip-resistant and shock-absorbing technology into the soles of every SAS shoe.


SAS Sandals

Let’s dive deeper into sandals. We know that sandals have risen in popularity over the years, and that’s why we put so much focus and effort into the design of our SAS sandals. Both men and women can wear our sandals to the beach, a barbeque, or even while running errands – they’re that comfortable. From the classic flip-flop design to dressier sandals women can wear to work, quality leather meets proper foot contouring in our SAS sandals

While you may not typically think of sandals as choice walking shoes, our SAS sandals were designed for miles of movement. Take our Edge Sandal, for example – it’s flexible, making movement easy, yet soft, keeping your foot comfortable. Oh, and did we mention we offer over 130 classic designs for women? Find the sandal to fit your wardrobe.


SAS Shoes: Diabetic and Medicare Approved

A woman massaging her injured foot on her bed at home


We understand the struggle of finding shoes that meet certain medical requirements, and more often than not, medically cleared shoes are bland, clunky, and sometimes low-quality. At SAS, we’ve made it our mission to change this. Combining fashion and medically approved standards (you can see that our shoes are diabetic and medicare approved from the specific descriptions), your wardrobe and doctor will thank us. Take our Step Out Brown SAS shoes for women or our Journey Mesh Blue shoes for men, for example. We offer several designs and products that fit diabetic and medicare requirements, all while maintaining style.


SAS Shoes Online

Now that you know more about what SAS shoes are and what our quality and design have to offer, visit our online store. We understand the concern of trying on shoes before making a purchase, but fear not, we provide Free Return Shipping. This way, you have the opportunity to try on your new shoes and send them back if necessary, without the hassle of paying return shipping fees. We also offer payment options for our customers when they buy their SAS shoes online. We want the best quality and comfort for our customers, and when you purchase SAS shoes, we can guarantee both.