SAS Walking Sandals (A Complete List)

May 26, 22

A woman wearing SAS walking sandals walking on a bridge above a lake

While some people wear sandals all year in different parts of the world, summer is typically the time for SAS walking sandals to step into the sunlight. You keep your feet cooped up in closed-toe kicks for most of the year, so let them get a bit of fresh air with our favorite sandal styles.


We know walking sandals at SAS – sandals that are built for more than a few trips to the beach or the pool. Our sandals are crafted to be comfortable and supportive like all of our SAS shoe styles, featuring leading footwear technology you won’t find anywhere else. Today we’ve gathered all of the SAS walking sandal styles so you can compare, contrast, and find your perfect fit.


Why Stick with SAS Walking Sandals?


We love sandals because they’re so easy to slip on and go. Errands around town? Don’t get bogged down by laces! Going on a walk around the neighborhood? Easy – slip on some SAS walking sandals.


And, of course, they’re perfect for outdoor adventures like a picnic in the park, a day at the beach, a trip to the pool, a lake excursion, or even a mild hike in nature.


Let your feet feel the breeze and bring back some carefree childhood memories of being outside and loving it.


Men’s SAS Walking Sandals


We feel like society has pigeonholed men’s sandal styles into an outdoorsy category – giving “going camping” energy rather than effortless comfort. We’re bringing variety back with our SAS walking sandal styles for men; you don’t need to have a “granola” personality to wear these styles. We carry strapless slides, styles with adjustable back straps, slip-on flip-flop styles, and more – of all sizes and widths with several colors and prints to choose from.



Product image of the Bravo SAS walking sandal in Grizzly



Product image of the Edge SAS walking sandal in Cobalt




Product image of the Endeavor SAS walking sandal in Iron




Product image of the Escape SAS walking sandal in Stampede




Product image of the Voyage SAS walking sandal in Nero



Women’s SAS Walking Sandals


Ladies, it’s no secret that you reign supreme in the shoe department in terms of variety! That’s no exception here. The following styles range from casual to dressy, available in flats and sandals or heels and slip-ons. And, just like all of our products, SAS walking sandals are size and width inclusive, feature the most innovative footwear tech, are made of top-of-the-line materials, and come in several colors and prints.


Product image of the Aria SAS walking sandal in Hazel




Product image of the Captiva SAS walking sandal in Caramel



Product image of the Clover SAS walking sandal in Navy Multi



Product image of the SAS Conga adjustable sandal in Desert Sage




Product image of the Cozy SAS walking sandal in Web Linen




Product image of the Duo SAS walking sandal in Auburn




Product image of the Embark SAS walking sandal in Taupe




Product image of the SAS limited edition Float walking sandal in Sinful Snake




Product image of the Freedom SAS walking sandal in Sunstone



Product image of the Huggy SAS walking sandal in Black




Product image of the Huarache SAS walking sandal in Antique Tan




Product image of the Jett SAS walking sandal in Steel



Product image of the SAS Lisette woven walking sandal in Brown



Product image of the Mystic SAS walking sandal in Blue Perlato



Product image of the Nudu SAS walking sandal in Dusk





Product image of the Pier SAS walking sandal in Desert Sage



Product image of the Relaxed SAS walking sandal in Denim




Product image of the Sanibel SAS walking sandal in Rainbow Red



Product image of the Seaside SAS walking sandal in Hazel



Product image of the Shelly SAS walking sandal in Coffee




Product image of the Sorrento SAS walking sandal in Praline


Sandals that Will Never Go Out of Style


While we appreciate and try our hand at certain trends, many of our shoes lean more toward timeless style, and they’re built to last more than a season. We want to promote sustainable shoe commerce with styles that work for multiple occasions. Declutter your footwear this season and pare down to staple styles from SAS.


Shop Sandals from SASNola for Simplicity, Support, and Comfort


If SAS walking sandals don’t pique your interest, we have plenty of other types of shoes to browse. We carry a variety of sizes and widths, and each pair showcases our unique footwear technology to ensure comfort and support every step of the way. Shop confidently with our free and easy exchange and return policy; we want every customer to get the right size and perfect fit when they shop SASNola.